Our tour repertoire

The most difficult part of combining an archaeological route in Italy with a week’s worth of great food is choosing from the infinite possible destinations. The next most difficult choice is the decision whether to design a new tour or repeat a well-loved favorite. Our solution is to do both, sometimes a new tour, sometimes a tour from our growing repertoire.

Do have a look at these past tours as well as our upcoming tours and let us know if any pique your interest or if you’d like more information. With sufficient demand (usually six participants) we can repeat a tour on request. And, of course, let us know if there are any destinations you’d like us to add.

All the tours are curated and led by Elifant’s principals, Elizabeth Bartman and Maureen Fant.

Beyond the Greeks: Sicily’s Western Corner

A Taste of Ancient Rome

Southern Etruria: From Rome to Orvieto

The Heel and the Hinterland: Sights and Pleasures of Basilicata and Puglia

Pozzuoli to Paestum: Bay of Naples and Beyond

Sardinia: Italy’s Other Island Region

Emilia Romagna: Across the Rubicon, Along the Po