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“It was nice to have access to both Maureen and Liz for their deep knowledge and enthusiastic sharing. …

“This trip was a splurge for us, but we were so enraptured by the sights, the scholarship, the camaraderie, and the sensational cuisine that we cannot stop talking about it and cannot wait to sign up again.”

—Sandra G., Sausalito


“When you pick us up that first day I can just relax, turn it all over to you, and just go with the flow.

“UNIQUE is my key word—unique concept, unique itineraries, unique personalized care and guiding from you two, unique meals, unique fellow guests, unique value. Also it is unique when you say that it is all-inclusive, which indeed it truly is.

“If you’ll have us, we are planning to go on all your future itineraries.”

—Barbara A., Los Angeles

“Your tour of the environs of Naples was a delight. Your journey was fun.
The artifacts came alive. The food was excellent and as varied as the archaeology. And, oh yes, the company was good.”

Jim S., Burlington, Iowa

“I consider Elifant tours ‘a find.’ In this era of large, packaged tours,
it is a pleasure to be in a small group on a tour that is so well researched, thoughtfully planned and presented.”

—Annette M., Princeton

“The best two weeks of eating in my life.”

—Bob D., Los Angeles

“Elifant’s tour of Naples was a wonderful combination that engaged your head and your stomach. Looking at Naples’ past and present history with the food theme—manufacture, distribution, consumption, artistic depiction, cultural—was a wonderful way to connect current issues to ancient ones. And the restaurants were divine!” 

—Ava S., New York

“My first experience with Elifant tours was exquisite. Amazing, phenomenal, fabulous—well those adjectives just don’t describe the experience. I try to explain to friends and family what we did—but no one can fathom what we actually did.

“One day I am patting a 3-month-old water buffalo whose mother’s milk helped supply the delicious mozzarella we had for lunch—and the next I am climbing around an ancient winery with one of Italy’s most prestigious archaeologists. I swam in the Bay of Naples, I forged through Pompeii, I saw how proper pasta was made—I experienced a part of Italy in such a way that cannot be duplicated.

“I learned while I was having fun. Liz knows everything—who needs a guide? And Maureen is an expert on history, food, food making, and presentation. I wish that Elifant Tours went everywhere as I would never travel any other way again.”

—Patty H., Boston

“The tours I have done with Elifant have been more like traveling with a few acquaintances than with an organized group (a kind of travel I do my best to avoid). The food was terrific. Maureen and Liz chose wonderful restaurants in a whole range from traditional to gourmet, and the meals were always lively yet relaxed. The archaeological visits were absolutely fascinating.

“I trust Liz and Maureen and their taste, as I know I’ll eat well and sleep well and the days will be filled with fun—which really should be the point of these trips.”  

Sandra C., San Francisco

“The Taste of Ancient Rome tour was an incredible experience. I had been to Rome a couple of times, but this trip was unique—a perfect blend of history, archaeology, food from antiquity, and contemporary Italian meals. Plus we had access to a number of sites that individuals and other tour groups would never get to see.” 

Jack G., Alexandria, VA

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