Pozzuoli to Paestum: Bay of Naples and Beyond

Breathtaking views, gourmet dining, and a luxury seaside hotel aren’t all. We’ll have fascinating archaeological visits, some to sites we’re sure you’ve never been. Contemplate the lifestyles of the rich and famous of antiquity with us, and learn from experts about the latest discoveries. Taste the best mozzarella (and meet the water buffaloes) and plenty of down-home Campanian food too.

The week-long trip includes four nights on the Sorrento peninsula (smell the lemons?), three nights in Naples itself (think pizza), and no worries. 

Don’t be put off by lurid tales—Naples is friendly and beautiful, and we take extra care to ensure that your travel is hassle-free. You’ll be met at plane or train and whisked in comfort to join the group. All our travel is by private transport. All arrangements are made personally by Liz and Maureen, who, as on all Elifant trips, are with the group for the entire trip.

October 9–16, 2017
October 5–12, 2015