Shepherds and Samnites

Into the heart of Central Italy

October 12–19, 2020

Ancient cities atop windswept hills that evoke the staunch resistance of the local Samnite population against the growing power of Rome … pristine medieval castles and churches against a splendid backdrop of snow-capped mountains … a hearty, sometimes spicy pastoral cuisine … full-bodied Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine …

Elifant’s most adventurous archaeo-culinary itinerary, which begins and ends in Rome, makes a long loop through the central-southern interior touching five regions. Destinations include—among many others—the spectacular ancient sites of Amiternum (above), Peltuinum, Alba Fucens, and Saepinum and the gracious small cities of Chieti, Sulmona, and Benevento.

If those names send you to the atlas, well, didn’t you want to get off the beaten track?

Except it is a beaten track, just not by tourists. We take paths trodden for centuries by the seasonal migration from mountains to lowlands of once-enormous flocks and herds.

Lest you think that rustic solitude lacks comfort and luxury, we’ll enjoy great accommodations and delicious dining ranging from irresistibly traditional to absolutely cutting edge and sprinkled with Michelin stardust.

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